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Sixty Daze of Trump

Now that it’s been a few months since Trump was sworn in as president we can see that the level of deception in his campaign rhetoric was historic. It's hard to believe anybody could be so disingenuous about their political intentions as Trump was, but there it is. Trump's campaign was not only a series of shameless lies, it looks now like it was an international conspiracy to penetrate our government, if you believe the growing allegations of collusion between the Russians and Trump's team of 'top people'.

Trump knew the public thirsted for change and proclaimed he was that change. He went from the language of draining the swamp to surrounding himself with swamp creatures. He is the king of the hypocritical crocodiles, shamelessly abandoning most of those he tricked into voting for him. It’s a terrible refection on our political system, the electorate, and our collective futures.

President Trump has betrayed those who were also let down by the empty rhetoric of president Obama. Most of the public doesn’t care what party is in power, they just want a decent life. A life that includes healthcare, education, and prosperity. A life both parties have conspired to deprive the public of, by literally outsourcing their opportunity to profit from cheap foreign labor and unfair global trade.

Obama’s failure is the real reason Trump beat Hillary. He didn’t bring the change that people expected. The democrats also undermined any chance the populist candidate, Bernie Sanders, had of winning that election. Those betrayals will taint the democratic brand for generations. If you are unhappy about president Trump and the republican policies, blame the democrats for becoming the bad guys. Their failure was beyond monumental. It was inexcusably short-sighted and self indulgent elitism. They have solidified the perception of themselves as the lesser of two evils at best. Their inability to secure the necessary democratic reform for the public reeks of intentional failure.

Now, a few months after the election, the intention of this president and his cabinet is clear. He has proposed massive cuts in sanity and civility in order to spend more for the war machine. It’s as if he believes his electoral victory is a mandate for more war, inequality, and conflict of all kinds. It’s not even worth listing the specifics of the deceptions of Trump's campaign because there are too many of them. They are however, a perfect example of how rotten our political system has become. Measure the current results of our political system and you get a president Trump and a hyper acceleration towards our national demise.

All the while president Trump has been assembling his wrecking crew for the coming destruction of our democracy, a swell of evidence is emerging about his shady business connections with Russians oligarchs. Just like Trump’s deceptive campaign rhetoric, there’s too many examples to get bogged down with. It becomes a distraction to his agenda of increased privatization and profiteering, foreign and domestic.

His intentions, like most of his political predecessors, do not have the best interest of the American public in mind. We can expect to see increasing inequality with continuing showers of conflict for a long time to come, despite the contradictory rhetoric of Trump's team.

There was a hearing in congress this week about the Trump administration benefiting from Russians allegedly meddling in our election. Trump’s presidential victory has been tainted with allegations of Russian assistance. They hacked the DNC is the allegation and flooded social media with robots and trolls. How deep do the covert connections go, we’ll never know, I’m pretty certain, despite the hearings. We do know however that Trump enjoyed non-stop coverage from our own media, giving him far more coverage than any other candidate.

There’s a scandal industry that feeds off of political drama like the brewing Trump-Russian collusion. They have begun to dig for factoid nuggets they can sell. These scandals can go on for years and cost a fortune, but the conclusions are always anti-climactic, with violators being acquitted or pardoned.

The concern is that Trump might be influenced or even beholden to organizations that are global, and seek to undermine our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. It is a big story if true, with consequences of enormous importance to the public, and to our public policy, our prosperity, and our safety.

Our future, and even our collective freedom could be at stake if Trump is as deceptive as the evidence suggests.

The media has been all over this scandal. It promises to sell commercials for years. The funny thing about this story, and scandal, is that it has been trumped by president Trump accusing president Obama of wiretapping him.

The accusation is simplistic and silly. Why would he blame Obama for wiretapping him? Obama couldn't care less. Certainly Trump was, as everybody like him is, being spied on. Just because there's no legal paper trail proving it, simply by the practice being possible means it is happening, probably by dozens if not hundreds of private companies. The only reason Trump would make such a suggestion would be to distract from the Russian collusion scandal, which I will refer to from now on as Russia-Gate.

Trump's wiretap story is absurd and irrelevant, yet the media has chosen to spend endless hours dismissing it. It is a perfect example of the dance of deception I mentioned in a previous post. The white house acts, the media reacts and their story becomes the distraction. It is a distraction from the news the public needs to know, like the president’s agenda towards conflict and inequality, and who benefits from those policies.

What if the Russians are blackmailing the new president? What if he and his associates are personally profiting from shifting our budget priorities from health to war? How do we even know who he is working for if he acts in contradiction to the interests of those who elected him?

One thing is clear by now. Trump's campaign to make America great again for the forgotten man was a deception. He's presiding for the oligarchs and not the public. The important question still pending is, are the oligarchs he serves Russian, American, or both?

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