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This Forum will be a work in progress for a while. I am opening it now because I promoted it in the Voter's Guide as a place to participate.

The Forum Rules are pending but appropriate etiquette will be enforced. Feel free to join in with a question or an opinion.

Income-based representation apportions representatives proportionally to the population's income. This category will cover related topics such as Tax-bracket Apportionment.

Opinions on political candidates

Opinions on political issues

What is the national demise and why should we care?

This category will explore the propaganda and hypocrisy necessary to protect and defend the conflict-based economy.

This category will examine forms of government & representation.

This category will examine the conflict-based economy to better understand what it is and why it should be changed.

This category will examine what the health-based economy is and why it would serve the public better than our current economy.

What do you mean by Public Profit Bank?

This category will speculate at some policy corrections to remedy the national demise.

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The National Demise

Increasing inequality and Militarism is a recipe for disaster!

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Selling the Conflict-based Economy

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Representative Government

What is Representative Government?

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Conflict-based Economy

Job Creation From Conflict

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What will democracy look like?

Have you ever noticed those that are represented in our 'democracy' never have to protest?

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Political Solutions for the Public

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Public Profit Bank

Public Profit from Money Creation

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Health-based Economy

Job Creation For Health

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Judicial Reform

Ruling that 'money is speech' and 'corporations are people' is not good judicial behavior.

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Income-based Representation

Representation from your tax bracket!

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