The national demise is self-evident considering the amount of public wealth, political power, and government function, that has been transferred to private ownership over the last few decades.

Over the last thirty years The United States has transitioned from the largest creditor nation on the planet, exporting more finished goods than any other nation, to the largest debtor nation. We are now importing more finished goods than any other nation. This trade deficit is largely responsible for the national debt and must be stopped.

We borrow money to sustain a war we can't afford, that was started based on lies, and has resulted in our 'homeland' now needing to be militarized.

We borrow money to bailout a corrupt global financial system, and to subsidize a stock market with artificial prosperity.

We borrow money from global capital markets to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure which results in the private and foreign ownership of our country and political system.

We borrow money because current policy prevents the government from financing itself properly. All the while the public is told we can't afford to invest in the basic necessities of a civilized society.

The increasing inequality of health, wealth, and education, is creating dangerous levels of division. The increasing militarism, privatization, and public debt, are all indicators of the national demise.

Nationalism, it seems, has surrendered to privatization and globalism.

Is the national demise the result of random acts of greed? Or, is it an orchestrated attack on our democracy?

Many people continue to profit from the national demise so they will be reluctant to endorse the necessary changes to stop the division.

The inability of the government to function properly is another indication of the national demise. Despite massive debt from borrowing money, the inequality and conflict keeps increasing. The government seems unable to provide the services necessary to promote the general welfare of the public, or to protect and defend the Constitution.

To reverse the national demise it is first necessary to acknowledge that it is happening, and that the policies that are causing it need to be corrected.

My plan is to revitalize public participation in the democratic process to reverse the trend of democratic decay and public abandonment.

I believe democratic reform is the only viable solution. A new apportionment act is necessary to upgrade our democracy to be more inclusive.

Congressional representatives should be chosen from the same tax-brackets as the voters. This would provide a more representative representation motivated to increase everybody's standard of living.

The number of representatives should also increase relative to the population. This will insure a proportional distribution of representation based on people's income as well as their location.

The government can also turn debt into a profit center with a public profit banking system. Ask yourself "Why does the government have to pay interest to borrow money from a private profit banking system?"

When money can be created from nothing, simply by loaning it with interest, it is a function that should be generating profits for the public.

Big government is not a problem as long as it is representative.

Bipartisan efforts to blame government, by those that occupy it, has led to the national demise. This self serving propaganda that helps sustain the massive inequality, privatization, and globalization, causing the national demise, needs to be recognized for what it is.

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