The most important public policy is the health of our democratic process so as to insure it results in representative government. Participation and consensus should be as easy as liking something in your favorite social media program.

It is the inability of the public to participate in their democracy in a meaningful way that causes the conflict, ignorance, and apathy, that undermines our collective quality of life.

A democratic upgrade is the only path to a more healthy and educated society.

The current political process is antiquated and outdated. It favors party incumbents over representative government and is a primary cause of the national demise.

The primary responsibility of those in government is to protect and defend the constitution, which is an outline of our democratic process. Therefore, first and foremost, it is the government's responsibility to provide an adequate democratic process for the public to vote. That process should be as simple as society and technology can possibly provide and result in legislation that benefits the public.

The issue of our time is the democratic process itself. Without a transition to a more representative government the conflict will increase and our national demise will continue. Will we fix our democracy to prevent the national demise? Or will we continue on the path towards conflict?

The public voter mission is to reverse the trend towards violence by advocating for a more democratic process that will allow the public to participate in a more meaningful way.

Consider supporting Public Voter if you can, with either your participation or a donation, or both.


Thank you,

Carl Cooper

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