In a health-based economy, the public would be employed producing something they would also pay to consume, good health. A health-based economy would be the true free-market economy because, unlike conflict, people want good health.

Good health doesn't depend on public debt like conflict does.

Health-based job creation is currently being suppressed by the conflict-based economy. Keeping health care scarce is a tactic which maximizes the profits for institutions that act as middlemen between patients and their doctors.

A health-based economy is the alternative to our current socioeconomic paradigm. It is sustainable, more desirable, and more profitable for the public compared to the conflict-based economy.

The National Demise

Increasing inequality and Militarism is a recipe for disaster!

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Selling the Conflict-based Economy

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Representative Government

What is Representative Government?

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Conflict-based Economy

Job Creation From Conflict

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What will democracy look like?

Have you ever noticed those that are represented in our 'democracy' never have to protest?

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Political Solutions for the Public

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Public Profit Bank

Public Profit from Money Creation

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Health-based Economy

Job Creation For Health

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Judicial Reform

Ruling that 'money is speech' and 'corporations are people' is not good judicial behavior.

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Income-based Representation

Representation from your tax bracket!

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