Income-Based Representation would allow voters to vote for candidates from their own tax-brackets. It could be used to achieve a more accurate representation compared to the gerrymandered district process we use now.

Tax Bracket Apportionment is an alternative method of apportioning congressional representatives to the States.

With Tax Bracket Apportionment, the percentage of population, per income-tax bracket, would be equivalent to the percentage of representative seats available per tax-bracket.

If 47% of the population are in tax bracket one, then 47% of representatives should be from tax bracket one, and so on.

Incumbents, mostly being from the same tax bracket, would compete for available seats as determined by the population of their tax-bracket. The plan would reduce incumbency and result in representatives motivated to increase the incomes of those they represent.

A basic understanding of apportionment is recommended to fully appreciate tax-bracket apportionment and income-based representation.

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