At the heart of our conflict-based economy is a private banking system working with the government. At the heart of a health-based economy there would be a public profit banking system working for the public. The difference being that the public profit bankers would represent the public interest and generate revenue for the public.

Taxes could be reduced and more public services could be afforded.

If the government must compete, on behalf of the public, in order to provide services to the public, then a public profit bank could be the perfect solution.

Basic economics teaches us an economy consists of land, resources, and labor. Money is used as the method to exchange those things. Since money has become separated from a standard of value, such as gold, and can be created from thin air, as a resource, the economy has become corrupted.

Profits are now created simply by somebody asking for a loan and promising to pay it back with interest. This practice expands the currency in circulation and devalues existing currency. This magical new resource of fiat currency should profit the government directly as a revenue center, in my opinion.

Currently this easy money has created an industry of money pushers. Telephone solicitors, spammers, bankers, etc.. anybody who can get somebody to borrow money can profit from the practice. Because the public is on the hook to eventually bailout bad loans, even low interest loans can be very profitable for the money pushers.

Having borrowed as much money as it has, the government's ability to fund its priorities is without doubt. The question is what should it afford, and can the government finance its priorities without the benevolence of private profit investors? The answer is yes, with a public profit bank.

The federal government should be funded primarily by the profits from investing, loaning money, and issuing credit, and by the taxing of the same, not by taxing income from people's labor, or even their purchases.

If the profits from money creation were used wisely, I believe there would be enough money for jobs, healthcare, education, and for public works programs. There would be no excessive public debt and there would be no interest payments on the money borrowed to fund the government.

Those creating the money would be better regulated and accountable to the public through the democratic process, instead of requiring bailouts for their overcompensated private-profit services.

Everyone could then enjoy the education and healthcare necessary for smart and healthy communities.

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