Washington State - Congressional District 7

It is an honor and a privilege to be a candidate for Congress in the race for Washington State's 7th District seat. It is also my pleasure to have lived in Seattle for over 50 years. The pacific northwest is a great place to be.

I have so much to be thankful for, good health, good friends, a wonderful family, and the independence of being self-employed.

Though I have no delusions of actually winning this contest, I will win the battle of ideas and look forward to sharing my opinions. It is worth the price of admission for me to counterpoint my esteemed opponents in an official capacity, with all due respect.

It's time for an upgrade.

The current 'top-down' system of party politics, is inadequate, out-dated, undemocratic, and unfair to the public. We need to fix the system itself.

The democratic process needs to change to provide a more participatory democracy that will result in a more representative government.

The political process should be conducted directly by voters through their personal computers and phones, at their leisure, with no lines, no waiting, and no hassles. The results should be verifiable and count towards policy.

People don't have to vote, so the votes that are cast will be on the issues the voter is concerned about, providing a more informed consensus.

The decision of our time is to determine whether we as a people will facilitate a more effective democratic process to ourselves, or, will we surrender our democracy to oligarchy.

We need more than another sane vote in the 7th district seat. We need to speak directly to fixing our rigged economy and our corrupted political system, nationally, to resist the trend towards violence and conflict, and to restore democracy to its rightful owners, The American People!

I have outlined a path to a more representative government that would legislate towards a health-based economy. The result would be a better world and a better life, for nearly everybody, including my esteemed opponents.

The National Demise

Increasing inequality and Militarism is a recipe for disaster!

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Selling the Conflict-based Economy

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Representative Government

What is Representative Government?

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Conflict-based Economy

Job Creation From Conflict

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What will democracy look like?

Have you ever noticed those that are represented in our 'democracy' never have to protest?

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Political Solutions for the Public

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Public Profit Bank

Public Profit from Money Creation

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Health-based Economy

Job Creation For Health

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Judicial Reform

Ruling that 'money is speech' and 'corporations are people' is not good judicial behavior.

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Income-based Representation

Representation from your tax bracket!

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