The need for political solutions for the public is self-evident. The country is being divided and without correction the trend will result in more and more violence. We must reverse the policies causing the division by achieving a more representative government. For this to occur, the democratic process itself needs to change to accommodate the schedules of the public.

Currently political parties stand between voters and government like health insurance companies stand between patients and their doctors. They are middlemen profiting from limiting our access to the services we seek, democracy and health.

With the understanding that money is representation, congressional representation should be determined by the public's income, not just their geography. This can be achieved through a process called tax-bracket apportionment, where voters elect candidates from the same tax brackets as themselves.

Achieving a more representative government will require the transition from a conflict-based economy to a health-based economy and the electoral system must transcend private money and be transparent and verifiable. That transition will require education and legislation in incremental steps. For instance, tax-bracket apportionment would merely be a stepping stone to achieve a system without taxation.

The number of representatives apportioned relative to the population should also increase in order to achieve a more representative government.

Political solutions for the public can only be achieved democratically. More democracy is the only remedy for democratic decay. So the solution we seek is better democracy. It is the end and the means to representative government.

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